Following on from the previous post of attic rummagings  I manage to find a in a dark damp corner a carrier bag of my old Railway Modellers from the early 80’s that my mum use to buy me from my pocket money once a month on a Friday when she went to the local market as I was at that point still having to go to what we called Colditz in reality was the local comprehensive school. Wasn’t till I got into the 6th year and they treated us ‘like’ adults that I was able to go down into town and get my own copy along with a quart of sherbert BonBons, ahh happy days.

What might you ask has this to do with fifteen minutes of modelling well I call it research! 🙂 As with most RM’s there are scale plans in most issues and in one of them there are 4mm drawings for a ‘Jinty’ or better known as an LMS Fowler 3F loco. This is something I am planning on looking at building for my S Scale Micro. Being a small branch/yard type loco it will fit in nicely with the locale and also as I plan to do this as a 3D Shapeways print project it should be relatively easy to get going, I say easy but then I remember the opposing force of procrastination slipping in and teaching myself CAD. I have Sketchup but feel it is not suited to 3D modelling and is more aimed at architecture. Anyway more of that story to come later.

In other news I have been thinking and planning a kind of test bed to my plan to build Leyburn on the Wensleydale Line in the 1940’s. This is to get a feel for the scenery and buildings that I am going to need. I would really like to build this as real roundy layout like Brafferton that I really like as it ‘gets’ the feel of its location, but also as I want to actually build something before launching into a full blown proto-based layout.


Basically at the moment it feels like I am treading water until I can get my railway stuff out of storage and back home where I can really start to get cracking, although money is tight at the moment building on a budget can introduce interesting methods and modelling. I think I am going to start to label posts by project so as not to confuse you dear reader as to which I am currently working on.

And finally two events to look forward to firstly the meeting of L&Y 2mmFS group, not sure what to expect but it is a do’ing group rather than a talking one so looking forward to that and secondly the 2mmFS AGM over in Burnley which will be good to go to not just for the socialising. Will report further.