Yesterday I ventured out to the 2mm Scale Association annual AGM meeting over t’other side ‘o’ pennines in (cough) Lancashire.. I had hoped to have set off in reasonable time but the usual family timekeeping or should that be time-wasting factors construed against me. So off I set for Burnley as I thought.. The routes out of the Dales are two, a long one and and a long one! The weather was rather Autumnally grim and so I op’ed for time over distance. This meant a trek over the moors and as the mist swirled around the slow moving car labouring up and down its way up the Dale I thought of American Werewolf in London.

Thankfully I realised I wasn’t meant to be going to Burnley and sailed past via the rather ominously numbered A666 to end up in Bolton, apparently pronounced Bo’ton. By this time I was late for the AGM but managed to catch the tail end then it was down to socialising and catching up with friends and meeting new people. Although I missed the last Lancashire and Yorkshire Area Group Meeting I am endeavouring to go to the next which will feature lathes and lathing! woohoo is all I can say. One of the group members is now a dealer for Proxxon and had the lathe and milling machine on show.. drool is not the right word, but German engineering comes at a price, maybe santa will be kind 😉

So after much chatting, making new acquaintances and a slice of very nice Lemon Drizzle Cake and tea I set off back t’Dales invigorated and feeling a bit better about get on with modelling and life.

Here are some pics of the day, not as many as I would have liked as forgot to charge the bats! But a selection of some exquisite modelling. I ♥ 2mmFS 😀

First up Bafferton, a lovely circular layout based on a real location, but adapted. Run by father and son(s)

2mmFS - Brafferton

2mmFS – NER Barberton

2mmFS Micro Layout

2mmFs Micro Layout – Water Lane

Water Lane

Water Lane

Tivotdale Station

Tivotdale Station

Micro Dioramas

Micro Dioramas

Micro 1 - Station name unknown
Micro 1 – Station name unknown

Micro 2 - 1. Station unknown

Micro 2 – 1. Station unknown

Micro 2 - 2. Station unknown

Micro 2 – 2. Station unknown



Corrieshallock - closeup

Corrieshallock – closeup

and finally 🙂