Whilst starting to sort through all my rail related box that have come back from storage I came across my Z scale items. I guess it was 10 years ago I started collect this and it was primarily Swiss at that time. I started collect the 460’s as I like the logos on them and then went on to get some Re6/6 freight locos in order to have a bit of diversity. Like a lot of my modelling it started off in a blaze of glory and then fizzled out all to quickly. Having collected all these items I would seem rude not to use them and that’s where P6 comes in.

I have thought that in order to keep things simple I would have a loop that then expanded into a triple deck ascending loops mimicking the Gotthard Route. I thought that watching the trains run up and down the hills would be relaxing and similar to the real route. The loop would tighten towards the top and then drop down within the inner loop. Gradients and distances need to be checked as I realise that the height needed between each layer maybe more that first envisioned.

Firstly I am going to build a test track as I plan to lay the rails using pcb and code 30 from the 2mmSA, but might make this code 4o depending on the wheels on the Maerklin stock. Originally I had planned to have only plain track but have been considering a very small station at the bottom of the valley which would have a couple of switches off it for mainly logging and maybe a freight depot.

Make out of foam board this will be light but strong to stop the track flexing and is primarily going to be a test bed for checking stock through points, coupler connections and also shunting ability 🙂 The crossing will be fun to make as this will be first time I have attempted anything such. More to follow tomorrow hopefully..

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 17.07.58