With this new found surge of mojo inducing activity and following on from last nights post I have set up a temporary little work bench that I can leave set up and not have to remove myself from the kitchen table every time I want to do some modelling. Although not shown here I came across a number of points/switches in the boxes that I had completely forgotten I had, but that’s for a future post. But back to the workbench, I also found a small vice cheap and cheerful, well so cheap that the jaws are almost at 45degs so is it worth trying remedial work on it or to bin and look for a new quality item. Well in these days of austerity it may have to be the former.

Also I think a little tray for banging and bashing might be a good idea and also a good mounting point for the vice. In fact I would quite like to build a tool box for my modelling tools and whilst going through my back catalogue of Railway Modellers there are some good articles to inspiration and ideas from. I fact I would love to set some time aside to sit back in the afternoon with a cuppa in a sunny corner and refresh and relive those happy teenage years, so long ago 🙂


Second up is a pic of an LNER horse box that I will be using on my 2mmFS layout of Leyburn when I start to build it though I think this may be the last big project due to the rate of knots I am currently working at. This was used to take racehorses from Middleham where the racing community had grown and to this day thrives, to Leyburn for transport on to Ripon, York and all points to Newmarket. An Oxford Diecast model that I hadn’t realised I had brought and was thinking that this might be an ideal first 3D printing project but then out of Aladdin’s cave this came chugging and smoking, well at least in my mind. I think that a dusting of Tamiya powders will offset the glossiness. One thing I do think detracts a bit from the model are the wheels. But a small matter to paint some detail in and also dirty up. I don’t think that I will be going to the effort of making it more finescale.

And lastly is a 2mmFS wagon kit brought at an exhibition somewhere. I think I must have about 10 of these as I pretty much brought one every time I saw the 2mil stand at shows. But this is an easy to start and finish project and if all completed will give me a nice little rack of mineral wagons.

As part of the tool shop I have been thinking about getting an airbrush and from all I have read and heard that iawata is the way to go, but this is quite a big ticket item with all the necessary compressor etc but again that’s further down the road.