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Stock take

Just a quick post and I took the decision to see what I actually have inventory wise. I kinda feel this pic is a bit like the images of fighter jets with there full payload laid out in front of them and something I use to take great interest when I was in my teens but now I am going to take each box and lay out and inventory everything that I have. I am then going to sell all the stuff I am not going to use and hope to get enough to fund a new lathe, or airbrush or maybe if I am really lucky both.

I think it may give me the opportunity to sort all of it out as at the moment I have no idea what is where and I keep thinking ‘oh where’s so and so’ and not finding it/them and then going out and buying another. So there are many duplicates and although this is a good thing at the moment I really want to stop slapdash purchasing. Case in point (pun intended) I was hoping to start my 2mmfs wagon kit, but like hell can I find the broaches I brought for similar process. So before I hit the buy online button I am going to make sure I can’t find them first.

As you will see there is quite an eclectic selection of 00 – early BR loco and wagons; N – BR Blue and mixture of everything between that and big four; N – US all North Eastern; Z – Swiss (my fav box set), and US – CP; NG in the form of HOm and 009 and lots of other bits such as point motors and my SPROG. Anyway enough for tonight.

Box Inventory 1


  1. chrismears

    Fun picture. Yup, that collection reminds me the outcome I see when I’m off looking for something in my own home hobby shop. Two years of aggressive pruning have cut it back.

    I saw a SPROG in the photo. I have a Raspberry Pi and have read that it could be used as the brains of a DCC system when coupled with a SPROG. Have you ever had a chance to try it and what were your plans for it?

    • 15minutemodeller

      My time has come Chris and over next couple of days the grim details will be laid bare 🙂

      As for SPROG so far I have had it hooked up to my Air and use it directly to control layout/locos. The SPROG is great and am impressed with it and its ease of use. I too have a Pi and am looking at combining it and SPROG with a LEGO case to make and easily transportable control station. Added in the use if WiThrottle and idevice and thats a pretty compact setup. I am looking for a reasonable sized mini screen and I am also wondering whether I can power from battery supply to be completely self supporting but thats some way in the distance.

      • chrismears

        Geez, you’ve really caught my interest with that first paragraph. I’m looking forward to that next blog post.

        That’s another strong vote in favour of purchasing a SPROG. A couple of layouts I regularly operate use DCC systems which allow one to drive using my iPhone. Being able to do this for the home layout is interesting to me and I can see buying one for myself.

        Thanks for the thoughts.

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