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Table top tactics

Having spent the last couple of days unpacking boxes I reached a bit of overload and the ‘stuff’ I had accumulated over the years had mounted up. I am really quite amazed at the fact that I had all of this with me whilst living the life of a contractor and out of a suitcase pretty much. So at least I am getting to the point that I know exactly what I have although I keep thinking that I am going to uncover an unmarked box full of stock that I had forgotten all about. Like the one today, full of US Z scale stock. As I have indicated the narrowing down will help focus but what of the moment? Well thats where the table top railway comes in. A bit of fun in 00 as I found a bunch of stock that I thought had long gone. Obviously sense prevailed in the last cull 🙂 The loco and stock are no where near the same eras but hell its my railway and I don’t care. I also have a childhood Hornby J73 (I think, as its not in front of me) which will need a strip down, clean and lube and I am going to put in a Lenz decoder if it turns out to be a good runner, if not I am going to stick to DC.

The plan is, there is no plan. It is there to just get out when the mood takes and do a bit of shunting/switching using a simple dispatching method using dice, or an online dice program.. hmm that reminds me must learn some coding. Don’t plan to add to this and am going to go with the no scenery but might mock up some card buildings that can be used for the industries. I think if it can all fit into one box that will be good.

Anyway off to PLAY



  1. mytrainmaster

    Tom, try building a timesaver switching layout. I think it is more interesting than relying on chance-dependent dice throwing. Perhaps it will give you some motivations and challenge while planning your layout : )

    • 15minutemodeller

      Jimmy, I am deliberately keeping it simple as so that I can set up and take down. This is not a permanent layout as such but a bit of fun for quick go and when the mojo fades. I certainly like the Timesaver though and have on many occasions thought about building it or a version. But for now I just want to play 😉

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