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Imagineering the what ifs

This afternoon was spent adding a bit more to the test plank but not adding the tunnel back scene as not sure where the tunnel is actually going to go at the moment. It has evolved a bit as I am now going to have a traverser that will swing from front to back so that the DCC programming track can be used as a storage road. Although the primary goal for this test plank is to test out scenery task like ballasting and building structures etc I have hedged my bets and gone with something I can switch ‘something’ backwards and forwards on. I have gone with this plan as it gives me a bit more space in the station area and as you can see there is enough room for loco and two. It is envisaged that train pulls in and stops second loco removes coaches and disappears. first loco disappears. Second loco returns and waits then pulls away.

If in the future some wagons come out then I will use it to shut them around a bit. This will however not going to take the place of the main modular layout and is really there to test out locos, run them in and maybe a photo back drop. But it gets the juices flowing for planning on the “big” layout. In fact this is the first time in a long time that I can see it all before I have built it which is promising. And the progress shown is more than in the last decade. But a start is a start!

Tomorrow will be spent working out the tunnel location, the transfer table and the electric feed locations. I then need to work out what track I need and this will be really simple as it will mainly be straights and maybe one or two curves but another #4 point is needed so will hopefully be able to pick one of those up. Unfortunately there are no modelshops in the local area anymore and so it is quite a trek to be able to pick up just the basics so most of my model related shopping is done online. Of course shows are an option but again getting to them can be expensive and time consuming, but I digress. So far I have kept up a 3 day streak of modelling, lets see how long it can carry on!


  1. mytrainmaster

    Very nice Tom. Btw, what happened to the foam layout? Are you going to incorporate into this one?

    • 15minutemodeller

      Hi Jimmy, the foam board has been abandoned as it is too warped so unusable and no not incorporating it with this.

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