Just a quick post about the new (to me) Trainmasters TV.  I have just been able to join up and getting a discount for subscribing to MRH made it even more appealing. Although the content is predominately North American the modelling techniques are pretty universal. I am just working through back drop painting at the moment and have picked up some really useful tips. Although at the moment I am doing this digitally I plan to get some brushes and acrylic paints to have a go at a Alpine backdrop.. don’t hold your breath though as this is going to be a lot harder than I think and having seen the like of Troels Kirk’s work I won’t be happy till its right.

TMTV is not only about modelling and there are some interesting in sites into the proto railroads that normally I wouldn’t find that interesting. I think that the possibilities are endless when it comes to the content they can serve up and am looking forward to how they progress with this. Although you can find so much on Youtube  the content here has a much more polished feel to it and as its all in HD you get the full effect..

So for the price of a sandwich a month, you can get some really good quality content to sit back and watch and learn.

Oh and then theres Lionel 🙂