GC HST Northbound

HST Northbound home on Grand Central

Returning home from the smoke we travelled on Grand Central on one of the HST sets and although they no longer powered by the Valenta engine we still rocked along only stopping in York and Thirsk and reaching York in around 1:50mins from Kings Cross which unless your Jenson Button is nye on impossible and, its much more pleasant to travel by train, watch the landscape go by, have a cuppa tea and relax than either sit in traffic jams or getting caught in the speed cameras. But anyway this doesn’t have much to do with 15 minutes modelling a day.

However on my return a pack was waiting for me which I had forgotten about which was nice and has a good selection of pictures both old and contemporary. I still like to be able to peruse through my book collection and think in some ways I would like to have a look at the e-versions but there is something nice and tactile about paper.

However there is a bonus DVD to watch. I will have to find a quiet moment to watch this but being HD I am looking forward to being able to pause and take screenshots for future reference. I was pointed to this magazine from another forum where the special issue was dedicated to rhbmagndvdthe RhB I thought that it should not be missed. The pictures are all of really good quality and the black and whites are clear and crisp. So my bed time reading is sorted out.

And finally I am still waiting for the Table saw to be fixed so I can look at starting to cut the ply for the modules and hopefully that will be this week however I do have enough to be getting on with for the moment.