Having manage to get myself to a DIY shed and find what I needed after a couple of abortive attempts I have finally got some modelling underway again! First I built the trestles to hold the board and these were simple cheap 3×1 and actually not to bad in quality than the usual knot ridden, twisted and warped stuff I have normally found at these places. Then next up was the cutting the blocks for the spacers. This was a doodle with my chop saw and I just set up a jig and shot through about 20 of them in less than a minute. Following on with ply cutting on my table saw. I have to say that it is a great disappointment and most of it can be thrown away and when I get time I am going to rebuild it. However after some trial and error I managed to get the required lengths. I only have enough clamps to do one side at a time so progress is slow at the moment but hope to have all sections completed by the weekend. Then I will be able to lay the road bed and start layout to track plan. More to come..