So the day finally arrived when I managed to get the ply sheet for the top, but it was not without it’s hiccups, for company that I rang two days before seemed to have gone bust overnight and shut up shop in the blink of an eye. However a kindly gent who I stopped to ask as I had been around the estate 3 times told me of this fact and said I was think about going to get timber not to go to a shop that I was almost outside as the quality was “poo” and recommended another supplier just up the road. Could not be happier with a helpful friendly service and help to car with me bits. Came away thinking yes thats how you do business and I will return (at some point)

After lumping the Ply upstairs one thing I will say it that it is much heavier than I expected as I decided to go for 9mm ply this time and thankfully the suppliers know how to store their ply, i.e. flat so there seems to be no warp in it. I am going to have to work out how I move the board around when it needs moving but for the moment I am not going to worry about that.  As you can see I have some overhang and the plan is to get one edge of the frame lined up straight with the top and then trim up the other side as the frame is not 100% square. Also coming down with a dose of cold hasn’t helped progress today and didn’t want to start cutting stuff with a very fuzzy head as if I had to get another bit…. well.. but at least I have what I need and will see how I get on tomorrow.

Base with 9mm Ply Top
Base with 9mm Ply Top

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