Card kit, glue and paint

A friend alerted me to a new hobby store in a town not too far from me where I volunteer for one day a week so I thought I would take the opportunity to pop in and see what they had and give some support to bricks and mortar businesses. As we know in this day and age of the internet we can get just about anything we want at the click of a button which has not helped the traditional hobby stores.

I knew that they provided for a number of hobbies so wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at the support for railways. I believe most of there business is done online but it’s location should encourage hobbyists to visit. I had a brief look round as my lunch break was tight but left with the above items at a very reasonable price, the kit brought on a bit of a whim but have a plan what to do with it!

So this weeks public service announcement is support you local shops if you can. Popping in for some glue or paints is not so easy online and you also don’t get tempted by other things.

The model shop visited was

Veteranus Models

Until next time..