LGB 0-4-0 Otto

So curiosity got the better of me and I just had to get it out and have a play! That’s what we all do isn’t it? Well I do!

The purpose was to work out if it still worked after years maybe even decades languishing in its box and whether it would either be something to liquidate quickly or to cogitate on not really knowing what the outcome would look like as I have no space to home such large objects. It withstood the test of time and looked, well brand new, untouched in fact. Rather too quickly I was enamoured with its presence and heft. Yes I have seen G scale before but only paid attention because of the Swiss RhB stuff but never really thought much about owning the ‘premier garden rail scale’ far from it as I always thought only lottery winners had the where with all to build in this scale. A quick look at the LGB site advises that the Allegra set I have in N scale is a mere £2500 in G and that’s just one unit. Imagine a modest layout probably costing upwards of 20k But that’s all hypothetical, as purely on its physical size it would need a rather large land grab to have anything half way decent. This was my initial thought unboxing the train-set, but thoughts started to circulate and surmising what a minimum space micro layout might look like, even a very simple inglenook would take up six to eight feet. Then there’s the matter of switches, buy or build?

This is when I started having a reality check and realised that the current line of thought was foolish and decided to relieve myself of the temptation for yet another scale and distraction from the the current project however ever compelling. So time to put it back in its box and get it ready for a new owner, someone who will hopefully get more use out of it than I did.

Now back to normal service and getting on with some modelling. I have a couple of mini projects lined up more of which later.

Until next time..