There is some great footage of operations on the new tunnel construction at Preda on the RhB. A couple of new found channels that I have added to my watch list. Now with HD content and the ability to not only see things in great detail but also to grab ref pictures from these videos it makes researching a current prototypical location a doddle. In this first video I particularly like the attention to the unglamorous. It’s so easy to see the trains going by but as I’ve said previously it’s the stuff away from this I’m interested in. In the future this will probably by of most interest to historians.

Up next is some footage of everyday movements showing many different consists that could be modelled. Great quality too.

I have realised that I can create a playlist on YouTube specifically for my RhB viewage. I just need a way of cataloguing this ever growing backlog of material but then I can’t complain about watching footage of the Rätische Bahn.

One day I hope to go to Switzerland and take my own reference footage.

Until next time..