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Model Rail Radio
Model Rail Radio


I have way too many podcasts But back in the beginning of my podcast listening journey, one Christmas I was with family and tired of endless turkey sandwiches and the usual sibling rivalries the thought crossed my mind where there any podcasts for railway modellers? I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised that there were and the one that struck a cord with me was Model Rail Radio. It being predominately US centric but there is much to learn from any form of modelling and there is much that is common no matter what continent, scale or interests. I brought in fully and started listening to the back catalogue and re-listening once I had come to the end. Other shows came and went but MRR still keeps chugging along.

There is a huge backlog of many informative and sometimes funny episodes and I look back to those early days staying up way after midnight to catch the show being recorded live, it was a bit of a treat and a marathon. It almost felt like listening to the Friday Night Rock Show that ones parents didn’t want you to listen to, but friendships were made that still endure now and I can say that although it has changed just due to the sheer number of listeners and thus contributors it is still great listening to stories from around the world of this great hobby we all enjoy. So if your look around for something to listen to on a dull and boring commute or just whilst your at your workbench I highly recommend this podcast to not only pass the time but also maybe learn something new.

And.. if you have any recommendations leave a comment below. I’m always happy to waste more time listening about the hobby.

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  1. Andy in Germany

    Thanks for the tip. I tend to listen to podcasts when making things, although I didn’t know of any model railway based podcasts before. I’ll have to sample a few…

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