I have spent some time drawing up the track plan for side 2, plan B or Urban side, I’m really not sure what I am calling it but till I start building it wont have a proper name for the layout. As I said before this is a very rough plan and only for placing, that means that I can see how realistic the sizing of things such as the sidings and slips are but it doesn’t take into account buildings and scenery which can be scribbled on after.

Next task is to print out and then get some stock out and place them to see what and how much I can fit into the space I have. There’s once slight problem, which is that I don’t have a printer at the moment so it may mean begging, borrowing or maybe not stealing some printouts. I need to check out the local library to see if I can print out the 11 pages I need.

So just a short post but a necessary one in order to get a feeling for it, if ones idea that started on a back of an envelope is a goer and can now starting to move forward to a real layout.

Templot Track Plan Test outTemplot Track Plan

Until next time..