Ok so I think I have all the plates spinning at the right speed and so far there are just a couple of issues left to be dealt with from the migration from WordPress.com to my own hosted site. So far so good. I am looking at trying to speed up the site in general but due to the nature of shared hosting  it may always lag behind a dedicated server setup but hey that costs good money! It has been a bit of a bumpy ride with one hosting company taking the money and not providing the service and most annoyingly no communication what so ever. But I now have a home for 15minutemodeller that is my own to do with what I want!

For now there is going to be little change and I will carry on posting at a minimum on Sundays as before, however don’t be surprised with more content coming along. I hope to bring some changes later in the year that will add more value to the site, but for the moment I am just getting the hang of what all the levers and switches do. The benefit of a locked down system is that one doesn’t need to think too much about the operational side of things. But I guess with great power comes great responsibility, not to screw things up and that is how I am approaching the next few months, at least till after that word we wont mention.

I would just like to say that if you have followed me over here from the WordPress.com site, thank you very much and I hope that you continue to enjoy my modelling trials and tribulations and hopefully some successes along the way. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this journey goes and I have some interesting ideas I want to explore. With the nights drawing in, clocks going back and the first flurry of snow yesterday now is definitely the time to pic up the scalpel and get cracking.. no?

Until next time..