Last Thursday evening I attended my first Local Area Group (LAG) for the 2mm Scale Association in a long time and at a different venue than previous. The evening is primarily to do some modelling in convivial surroundings with drinks and a cake or two. More details can be found here A chance to catch up with friends and maybe kick start a project or seek advice for something that one is struggling with. I was the latter in this incidence as I had a dash back from another thing I volunteer for. I am trying to work out what I will work on when I go. The problem is that I have a project for a friend I need to get finished before starting anything new. But that doesn’t take into account that the main focus for me at the moment is not 2FS. There I said it.. HERETIC!! My membership will be revoked and the attack hounds released. Well maybe not. Actually a lot the membership rubber gauge themselves. In fact around the table I knew of at least one other. They have a live steam garden railway, which apparently is Summer workings only. Also a big 4mm layout I believe still under construction, but that’s a whole other story. The goal is to keep people doing, and I am in the top percentile of people needing a push. Organised by a small band of people who see the benefit of this it is left up to the members to manage themselves.

Around the table there was a mixture of projects. A couple of wagon building conveyer belts. Anyone who models in a modelling scale will at some point come across the batch building phenomenon. Depending on ones era this may entail and mountain of a single type or multiples of varying ones. Thankfully at the moment I don’t have that problem.

On the left of the picture is a scratch built signal box with a very clever method of construction being worked on. This involves a inner and outer selves, allowing for the brass etch windows to be placed in a way they can be painted before assembly. You have to see it really. I do rather have a thing for signal boxes and the romantic view was probably seeded via an experience at an early age on the main route out West that stayed with me. Also the image of a lonely box in the foothills on a winter evening. Windows flickering with the lights inside and distant ding of bells announcing the imminent express train is somewhat seductive.. I think now the use of mixed media and new medias really enhances particularly architectural modelling. I also promised to pass on some cover slips so that he can experiment with real glass. To my right was batch building wagon bonanza. The interesting part was the builder was using a Resistance Soldering Iron and gave me a demonstration. The main advantage that I immediately got was that this holds the piece retaining heat so joint is stronger. Whereas a traditional iron once removed allows the piece to rapidly cool. It is primarily used for intricate soldering but I was told it could be used up to 7mm. With the others around the table working on a footbridge and more wagons but I was a bit too far away to inspect their work. I didn’t want to be rude and lunge over the length of the table.

The time shot by and what I thought to be less than an hour turned out to be way over 1.5hrs. With a bit of a chat about further meetings, they are held on a weekly basis but spread around the county which for me would be too far. I said I would attend the next one in early December and am looking forward to it. It’s a focus to have something physical ready to take to it. I was given a temporary pass as it was my first visit but the next appearance a project is expected 🙂

Some people don’t like clubs, meeting etc, some don’t like working alone. I think this is the best of both worlds as it is just a bunch of chaps interested doing a bit of modelling no hassle just fun. So I better get cracking.

Until next time..