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Covered bridges

Whilst watching a video on YouTube, which annoyingly I can’t now find, I saw out of the window of the train a covered bridge. I don’t know why but I hadn’t thought about covered bridges in ??
Punt da Rueun
I first came across them when I became interested in American North Eastern railroading. But I never considered that I would come across one whilst riding along on the way to Disentis. This sparked off the interest in building one again. After watching the video and taking that screenshot I completely forgot to reference it so I couldn’t go back. But then with the power of the internet I could within a short space of time track down that same bridge. I came across this website that catalogues all of the covered bridges in Switzerland, a no small project. In order to make sure I cross checked the screen shot with Google Maps with their Street View.

Google Street View Rueun

Google’s Street View of Punt da Rueun

They opened out it to travelling across the RhB in ?? which is pretty amazing . Once I knew it was the one I wanted to model I started hunting the net for more info. And lo and behold it came up trumps! With a number of pictures from different angles and most importantly some dimensional drawings. I am pretty blown away at the speed and ease at which I found this information and am appreciative of Werner Minder‘s website for taking out the guesswork.

Bridge Plans

Bridge Plans ©

The next question is what to build it in? My first inclination is to use Plasticard due to the stability and sizes of stock that can be found to match the prototype. Then I got to thinking maybe a natural material would suit it better and the thought of building it in a wood grew on me. The downside would be the possible warpage due to climatic conditions. As I have not built that kind of medium I am a somewhat of a disadvantage. But looking at the stock and prices of basswood it seems to even out the choices.

A brief check at a place I used to love pottering around after work when I lived in London shows that probably for a couple of sheets of basswood would probably do it. I would need to work out a proper cutting sheet though. The seeds have been sown and I am not trying to uncover one of the three cutting mats I own that have not surfaced since the house move. I can guarantee that if I go and buy another the other will apart out of the wood work to taunt me.. I have a box of fresh 10A scalpel blades just need to decide how I’m going to take this forward.

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  1. 15mm

    Mainly to protect the wood but also to stop horses and cattle being spooked by the water, apparently.

  2. ACH

    Yes I always wondered why they were covered, even going back to the 1800’s when labour was hard and materials expensive they still went to the trouble of covering the bridges, must be a good reason why? Im sure its not cosmetic as some are well away from populated areas

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