It’s been a bit of an up-and-down week with technology. But as you can see from the picture that hasn’t stopped real-time modelling. Easing myself back into sitting down at the modelling table after a seven-month break probably was never going to be that easy. Procrastination is the thief of time and also my biggest Demon. But as this project has grown over time and I feel it has really helped me get back into the swing of things. The fact that it is so basic means that there isn’t much that can go wrong! Well not much really. Being a perfectionist, it’s very much a barrier to quick and simple modelling as I always find the imperfection. The best way around this is to employ the adage that age that “done is better than perfect”. I can see many inconsistencies and errors that normally would drive me to redo, in all honesty probably the whole thing. But in this case, I am pushing forward to see how the final item turns out.

The fact that I am going to build a multiple of these buildings will allow me to learn from each of the mistakes I made previously, and so improving each next version. I’m also having to focus myself to not get distracted into the idea of building this basic model into multiple gauges to see how they look. I particularly like the idea of building these to non-standard gauges to give me ideas about how practical it would be to build another scales, most likely the largest scales. But that is a whole different ball game.

I so at the moment I am on a 3 out of 7 success rate, and as my school reports used to say, “could do better“. But it is a start, and probably more successful in the last week and I have been in the last year. It amazes me how much effort I can put into avoiding doing something that I really enjoy and love doing, two things that really have no benefit to one’s life i.e. browsing around YouTube. I think that picking this basic building has allowed for the juices to flow and the Mojo to return to the point where I’m looking forward to returning to the modelling table.

I have a bunch of other projects coming up that require my attention but for the moment time concentrating on this one little shed. One of these projects is for a family friend who I have been promising for probably about two years. In some ways, it is a lot harder than what I’m doing mainly because it is employing techniques I have never used before, but in another way, it is easy and should be relatively easy to complete.

Like many things in life, practice makes perfect, or other such cliches. But the truth in these for me is very true of the moment. I look at others who achieve any consistent level of modelling and see the growth in their ability and artistry and think to myself I just need to do that. So although this post is a long ramble about not doing I think it’s important to state the importance of consistency in modelling and the benefits it brings. So I will leave you with a picture of a messy modelling table where I am creating these miniature structures with fun.

Individual slates and boards

Until the next one…