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Been around a while..

Ok so I haven’t been posting too much but things are moving on in the real world and I have got distracted yet again but as stated before this I think is a good thing as it breeds creativity. Well the new focus is an old idea with a new twist. I have always been interested in the metre gauge railways of Switzerland but had never really ventured out of RhB land, it being the biggest and bestest 🙂 But however seeing some pics on a forum of another small metre gauge line got me cogitating. I thought how can I do something that it not to time consuming but interesting to build. Most of these lines served rural villages and ran through towns, so a nice opportunity to do some street running. Also traffic was light and freight was usually pulled along with passenger trains so a nice mix with the possibility of some either steam or diesel tracktor shunting.


So plan B was hatched, well actually project 7 or is it 8 now.. but the idea came from when I was helping my niece to do her geography project which I can now happily report that she got first prize and contrary to what my family thought I didn’t tell her what to do, she had all the ideas her self, well maybe all. Anyway back to the point of this post and the idea that sprang from helping her. So this idea is to have a Nm scale small roundy layout of around two and a half feet square with a up and over loop with passing loop in country section and a bit of a yard in town section.

The reasoning behind the use of Nm is that the scale is well catered for i.e. N scale buildings and trees etc but on the down side I will need to build the stock, but as this is going to be a very limited project I think that this will be an ideal project for 3D printing and the opportunity to get hands dirty with CAD. No more that 4 units would be used and this would be at the maximum as there would be limited space on the layout. I envisage it being more of a moving diorama although the idea of being able to do a little shunting might ge the better of me.

Work goes on @ 15minmodellingworks, more reports to follow…


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  1. chrismears

    Sounds like a terrific project. I’ve fooled around with Nn3 and Nm railways and can’t deny the appeal. I was amazed at how much German and Swiss stuff there was for Nm. You’ve probably seen this, but there’s a terrific layout on Youtube:

    Cheers /chris


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