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Warley 2018

It’s late and I wanted to get something up for today and today I went to Warley. That’s the biggest model railway train show in the ??

Wow what a day! I really didn’t get to see anywhere near the layouts I wanted to see but I met many friends old and new that made that all worth while. I had planned on taking loads of pics and maybe even some video but I failed in my duties. The thing about the Warley show is that you really need two days to see it properly but that ends up being pretty expensive. One year I’ll do that, maybe. There was a wide mix and it amazes me that they manage to find enough variety to keep people coming back year after year. There seemed to be an emphasis on small layouts with many amazing examples of what could be attained in in some cases very small spaces.

Along with all of this were talks about 3D modelling and the level of detail that can be achieved in this case N scale. Pretty mind boggling. Then white metal soldering. This has always been a dark art in my books but 20 minutes of show and tell I am now ready to unleash my 18W iron on a 009 kit I promised a friend.

To top it all off there was the main attraction, with was discussing Nm9 modules for the Swiss stuff. I’ll go into more detail in another post but suffice to say this is the way forward.

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  1. Chris Mears

    Really fun catching up on your blog this evening.

    In one of the photos attached to this post is a picture of two end plates. Are these part of the Nm9 project? I’m looking forward to an update on that.

    • 15mm

      Hi Chris, hmm not been much progress on here since then… but…. ?

    • 15mm

      Ohhh and the base plates are Nm9. Once other things are finished I’ll return to these with more info

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