Mentioned here before in a previous thread I stumbled across a Facebook group a short while ago that has some great pictures on it and yet more opportunity for flights of fancy. I think this and this picture leads me to think that there are loads of micro layout opportunities to be had and the rolling stock is just so diverse. I specially like the fact that railcars can pull along wagons and are also used to shunt them around. I am slowly storing up ideas for various plans but as usual all scrap paper doodlings.

Still getting to grips with CAD and have been temped to use Autodesk’s Fusion 360. This is a year of free use for personal hobbyist use after that I am not too sure about licensing as I haven’t read up in too much detail, yet. I have to say that the interface is much cleaner that Fusion for Mac and I really should plug a mouse in to the laptop but for my needs it seems to fit the bill. I have had quite a few crashes but I think this is more likely due to having base memory of 4Gb in the Laptop. Things seems to run a bit more smoothly when all other apps are quitted but there are still some beach ball of doom spinning moments. I am starting to go through the vidorials and just messing around myself.

As for physical modelling I seem to have hit a bit of modellers block and sit and stare at the #9 point I am building but don’t seem to be able to move on from the basic build.. tomorrow is another day.. well in eight minutes it is 🙂