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Foaming ‘ell

Well just a quick post before I go to bed as a full and fun packed day ahead at York Show very much a favourite of mine and so far has never disappointed. But back to tonights fifteen minute effort. As you can see from the picture be below I have managed to overcome the inertia and start something constructive. I came to the conclusion that it is better to fail than never try at all and so I got the craft knife and hot glue gun out and made some mess. The beauty of foam board is that it docent make mess and is very quick to build something. I had a basic idea and just went with that, very rudimentary measurements were made and the cutting was done on a professional mount cutter that my dad use to use which in theory should have made it an accurately produced cutting list however they hadn’t reckoned on me using it! However I thought that practice makes perfect and no task can be completed with perfection on the first run however much I think it can. I do suffer somewhat from perfectionist tendencies and have to wrestle with this pretty much every time I pick up a tool. But I am learning to overcome these thoughts and in the words of Nike ‘just do it.

Some some quick details it is 1m long and about 300m wide and the facia will house the light with the electronic mounted at the back of the underside for easy the moment there needs to be a lot more bracing to make more robust and hopefully take some of the kinks out that I have found in cutting the board. I have to say that it was wombled from some friends that had it sitting around. Having looked at the completed work this evening I am wondering if the warp at the eastern end, as I am calling it, will be suitable for laying the tracks. I am going to use a mixture of Easitrac and hand lay and if it is a problem I will have to raise the road bed to be able to level it across the whole board. So we will see.

Even if this a failure in the long run it will certainly help get the momentum going and what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger 😉

Anyway more to follow in next couple of days as I have a hectic social calendar and a couple of trips away. Stay tuned..

Foamboard Test Layout

Day 2 of Foamboard build


  1. mytrainmaster

    Interesting idea to use foam as structure. What will you put on it?

    • 15minutemodeller

      Hi Jimmy sorry just seen your reply 🙂 I will be putting some 2mmFS on it once I have sorted out the base as it is a bit wonky at one end and I need to work out how I can make it flat and level. I am just playing around with track plans at the moment but should have an update soon!

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