Work on the first switch for Son of Test Track has started and it’s going to be a 150mm Radius with a 1:7 frog and 9mm track gauge. Why 1:7? It’s mainly because I have the frog nose and crossing jigs in that size. I use to have the whole set but over the years I have lent or misplaced the rest so these are the ones I have to hand at this time.

The process starts with a flat surface, in my case I’m using a lump of 1″ MDF that was a door off the bedroom furniture that came out when I first moved in. The template is spray mounted down to the flat surface and then a quick squirt over the top face to allow the copper clad sleepers from 2FS association to be applied to the template. Using some tweezers to get them to match up as best as possible to match up with the Center line. Now I’m starting to lay the stock rail but before I do I need to file out the pocket for the point blade and here endeth the fifteen minutes.

Until next time..