After a very long hiatus I have some ideas and plans that I want to explore. Now that I have some time to do some modelling I am going to settle for two projects rather than do the normal scattergun approach and end up doing nothing.

So, Plan A, an S Scale Micro Layout. It is a scale that I have long admired and thought that it is a nice space between 4mm and 7mm. However in this scale pretty much every thing has to be scratch built. I plan to use a mixture of tradition kits and scratch building and also invest in getting some 3D Rapid Prototyping. More of that later. So first of all you need an idea. Something that has been in the back of my mind is a plan I saw in an O Gauge Guild publication many years ago and thought that would make a nice micro layout. With only two turnouts/switches it should be easy to build the track plan and I have create the plan from Templot (which is free now) and overlaid it onto a sketchup 3d model. It’s early days yet and I need to get hold of the APA box and I will need to join the S Scale Society in due course. So hopefully it all starts here.

S Scale Micro Layout Plan

Looking Westwards