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Just a quick note to remind my self more than anything about some pages and links I have come across today firstly I have spent quite some time on the Stadler website pawing over the plans for their metre gauge trams and rapid transit trains. As most of these are very box like I think it will not be too difficult to knock up in CAD although I am still getting my hands dirty and trying to learn via a process of break fix also compound curves are proving a tad difficult, well if first you don’t succeed, try try again etc..

Also I saw a link on Facebook for some neat 3D scanning software that might come in use in the future. I am temped to scan my Bemo stock to see if I can down size it or maybe I can photo it and then maybe use Blender to get the skeleton shape for the wagons. But that’s definitely a task for later.

Still plodding along with the point building and trying to get the wing rails to fit correctly with the frog. The template is way out from Templot but I put that down to me not calibrating the printer before printing out. I should know better.

Back to the extrude tool..


  1. mytrainmaster

    Hey, that looks like my layout framework. I shld start using Sketchup instead of paper and pencil.

    • 15minutemodeller

      I have to say it is way more accurate than my paper and pencil 😉

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