The circle is now complete with both rails in place and glued down using just simple PVA glue with bluetack to hold the ends in place. I was surprised at how quickly it cured as I thought I was in for a lengthy wait before I could get on with the next section. I didn’t mark out the circle fully and completed the curves by site with one corner flattened out a bit but I wasn’t bothered about the accuracy with this only being a test track. One mistake I made was forgetting to wash off the inner rails flux in the excitement of moment, but I’ll remedy that with a soft wire brush and a damp cloth. I probably don’t need to do it but I will go round with a file and ease out any bumps though there are very few luckily. I amaze myself that it turned out so we after such a long absence of any kind of modelling. However if a jobs worth doing etc…

The next task is to drill holes in the board for feeder wires, hot glue these wires, and then terminate at a switch that can select between analogue or DCC control. I need to get this switch and a bunch of electrical connectors so I guess that means a trip to the model shop, what hardship!

Lastly a shot of three different scales on one piece of track. The Z stuff will soon disappear and who knows what might happen to the 009 loco. I also need to look into some better lighting for taking pictures and for seeing the workbench. I also find myself wanting one of the those bench mounted magnifying glasses or maybe just a new set of normal ones from Poundland. In fact there

Until next time..