Model Railway Journal Magazine #266

Model Railway Journal Magazine #266

Today I picked up #266 of the Model Railway Journal and what a bumper issue it is there’s a ton of material in it that I can’t wait to get to get my teeth in to. I might be a bit bias as there is a significant level of 2FS articles and also back scene painting via a very renowned 2mm modeller John Burkitt-Smith. In fact with an editor who is also accomplished in the dark arts of 2FS I guess it was always going to feature in some way.

In this day and age of photo-realistic and real photo locations I still find a well executed hand painted back scene a thing of beauty in its self. But I am not artist so I’ll either revert to ready made ones or commission a family member to paint one for me as I’m certainly no J.M. Turner!

Also of note is a very moving model of Bradford 1914-1918 titled “Lest we forget” as it comes up to the 100th anniversary of the ending of the ‘Great War” there can be few left who remember those events in person. I fitting tribute and and a reminder of past histories that we do not want to replicate again EVER!

A thoroughly good read.. ??

Now that I am digitising my magazine collection I am only keeping the most current mag so the pile of paper is kept to the bare minimum, but I do like to peruse through the mags in the shops but much more appreciate I can sit in the comfy chair and read a number of issues without having to go upstairs dig out the pile and work out what might be worth a read whilst being covered in a cloud of dust..

Until next time..