marklin z scale station kit

Marklin Z scale station kit Wintersdorf

Well I was planning to show that I do actually do some modelling and this bag contains parts for a kit that I long ago forgot from where it came and even if I brought it. I have a recollection that I might have picked it up on a second hand stall but I wouldn’t swear to it. The fact that there is no box, no instructions and some damage to it means that who ever owned it before either decided it was not to their taste or in some way took umbrage with it, possibly hurling it across a room in disgust at its rustic basic vernacular. Hmm yes half a bottle of red probably has aided the colourful prose. But in essence this is a kit bash candidate for the rural side of the sofarunnamedbahn. I am currently trying to trace its heritage and believe it to be either Kibri or Faller but with its Germanic name of Wintersdorf I thought that it could be Helveticaified. Then I found out what its heritage is.

There is one big problem and that it is a 1:220 scale kit made by Märklin for there Z scale range. Imagine my disappointment when having spent the best part of an hour rounding up the necessary tools, cutting mat and glues to find out that my evenings planned modelling was to be somewhat curtailed. So not to be disheartened and downtrodden I decided to do what most modellers faced with a shortage in there inventory and get straight online and look for a kit to replace it. Unfortunately it would seem that my wishes cannot be granted in a way that I don’t have to sell a kidney to fund the purchasing of a suitable Swiss like station building and so I am left with no alternative but to scratch build a Type 2 Bahnhöf. Somewhere in the depths of the plastic box mountain is a plan of Filisur, given to me some long time ago copied from a kit I believe in H0m scale. SO with a bit of tweaking I should be able to hopefully come up with something that resembles what I want to present to the viewer of the layout.

Now the decision process needs to start about building methods and materials. Given the predominance of wood in the prototype I am minded to look for some Basswood to try out some plank cladding on a card board super structure, but that will mean a hunt round model shops and probably more likely a trip out onto the interwebs for it as I think it might be a bit exotic for these ere parts. Time chugs on slowly but I move ever closer to actually building.. Until then I am going off to tweak the track plan..

Until next time..