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Only the name has been changed

New RhB Forum
#134 Swiss RhB Forum

Not much activity to report this week. Things are grinding on in this NatPandemic2.0 or what ever it is. I’m rather losing track of the days, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel as the long winter nights are receding making way for spring. Hopefully.

So the purpose of this post is to mention a new forum for people who are interested in the Swiss Meter Gauge RhB Railway. This was after the closure of the previous forum, rather suddenly. Anyway it was a while since I logged in and its a shame that all the info and pictures people put in over the years., and some of the people on there who were/are RhB staff

So click here if you want to join in

Bouncing Box

In keeping with the small scale of operations at 15minmod towers, I was served up this great little video and two things sprang to mind. 1) Now that Unit would make a great little model; due to its size and uniformity. 2) at 3:13:00 there is a great little cameo layout idea. I have long thought that these little spots lend themselves to my restrictive space for modelling and the focus it allows is way more important to me. I never can resist the chance to noodle a bit and although it probably wouldn’t be that interesting in reality all these little scrappy are gathered together for patching together in a glorious multi faceted quilt of a railway.

Plan 25433989.23

So filing away for future ideas, I am lead to think that in these times of shortage, but an abundance of time it would be an ideal little 3D modelling project. Not having a 3d Printer won’t stop the fun of designing the build and yes I know there are places you can get things printed but as I try to stay focused on my current project when the mind wanders a craves sometimes different this is what I might turn to. The thought did also cross my mind about trying to create this in etched metal, as there are a number of variants of this that would lend well to filling out a sheet of nickel silver or Brass


Until next time..

Behind the scenes

I came across this video the other day and what a great find for behind the scenes of the RhB freight movements. I’ve always been drawn to freight operations more so than passenger traffic and one of the reasons I love the RhB is that there is thriving freight. It is also replaceable, without having to model huge block trains or fall back on the bucolic branch line.

In this video, we get to see a lot of the infrastructure that is not usually in front of the camera. It is long but I feel it’s worth the effort of it for the value it gives. When I was going about my normal (railway hobby) life I thought that I often missed the peripheral information. It’s not just about the train, Loco in front of us and this just proves the point.

I guess I am a sucker for the small scale modern freight train.

Things go bump

I’ve always been fascinated with transference of rolling stock between gauges. It’s not something I have experienced in my part of the world but the Swiss seem to embrace it on a daily basis.

It’s something I’ve often thought of modelling but would have to do in a larger scale to do it justice. I can’t help but think it would do well in the esoteric 5.5mm scale. Something along these lines

Swiss HGem2/2 locos – Swiss small scale shunter

“Swiss small scale locos HGem2/2”. Yet another rabbit hole to disappear down into, that’s what I muttered to my self as I came across yet another Flickr library whilst looking for something else! You may ask why this and not say a whole range of other locos, but something just grabbed me about its simplicity and strange beauty. Yes it’s not going to be everyones cup of tea and I have had the same feeling about many of the modern freight locomotives introduced into this country in the last decade. But one of the factors that draws me in is the notion that this would not be “too” difficult to reproduce in model form. Well that’s what I have in my head, along with a bunch of 3D printer reviews and photo-etching blog posts.

The bonus to this particular Swiss loco is that I have found some rather comprehensive dimensional drawings. Which is usually the hardest things to come by. With a wheelbase of 4250mm it would seem to me that it might fit on one of the Kato motorised chassis 11-103, just. And unless I have monetised it in a previous cull I have a feeling that there is one in the bits box that I got in Porthmadog many years ago.

It would seem that the builders definitely followed the KISS mantra for this design and I am guessing that the operations for these Swiss made HGem2/2’s are relatively light weight and seem to be used purely for MOW duties, although I maybe completely wrong. There are a few shots of multiple locos lined up due for delivery to other lines and so they are not exclusively built for TPC.

Finally some pics of the loco in the wild with the TPC and some pondering about construction.

HGem2/2 Loco TPC HGem2/2

Until next time..

Paper planning

I have finally got the plan printed out after bartering some advice and placed on the floor as you can see here and it has not disappointed me with outlining where things work and don’t work. Before I get into more of the detail I just want to reiterate the fact that this is NOT the final product Continue reading

??Reference Material – RhB metre gauge, Switzerland

There is some great footage of operations on the new tunnel construction at Preda on the RhB. A couple of new found channels that I have added to my watch list. Now with HD content and the ability to not only see things in great detail but also to grab ref pictures from these videos it makes researching a current prototypical location a doddle. In this first video I particularly like the attention to the unglamorous. It’s so easy to see the trains going by but as I’ve said previously it’s the stuff away from this I’m interested in. In the future this will probably by of most interest to historians.

Up next is some footage of everyday movements showing many different consists that could be modelled. Great quality too.

I have realised that I can create a playlist on YouTube specifically for my RhB viewage. I just need a way of cataloguing this ever growing backlog of material but then I can’t complain about watching footage of the Rätische Bahn.

One day I hope to go to Switzerland and take my own reference footage.

Until next time..

Move to the left, move to the right

As the picture shows life is somewhat frenetic at the moment and although this looks like a complete mess it really is. Why post a picture then? Well not only is it a snapshot of time but also a rather graphic reminder to “Get things done!” I really struggle with all this time management malarky and seemingly to some I have all the time in the world but it never pans out that way in this little corner of the world. Search the internet and there is noooo shortage of gurus and experts telling you how to maximise ones time, get up at 3am and do your best work and a whole host of other mantras that breed success in life, but as you can see I am struggling to fight my way out of a pile of plastic boxes. Is this a cop-out, where’s the modelling you’ve been promising? Good point! Yes where is it? I look at prolific modellers and wonder how they manage to produce all these wonderful models and layouts…. but there is no secret and ultimately I am not following my own mantra, rather allowing lethargy to rule. In fact this the whole reason why I set up this blog and here I am a number of months in poodle faking my way through the internet lands of railway modelling. There’s always an excuse, family came to stay, hard day volunteering, didn’t have the right stuff to start or finish a project and so on.

However on a positive note writing about this inactivity consistently it is helping me be consistent about at least one thing. One can skip reading this but the act of sitting down once a week and typing away is some kind of discipline that is needed to carry forward any project. With on average 25 views a week and quite frankly I’m staggered that there are that many people visiting my record of inactivity it is however really about keeping momentum going in the face lethargy and hopefully inspire others suffering mojo motivation to consider giving a small bit of time a week to their modelling.

As the weather slowly starts to turn over into autumn and the nights start drawing in and the modelling season really gets into full swing there should be no excuses for me not making progress. I really need to start practicing what I preach.

With that in mind I am going to carry out an experiment of writing one post per day for a week to see if I can get the myself doing just 15 minutes a night and see what I can achieve. Putting things off and procrastinating was why I decided to start this and that’s pretty much what I have done since moving to this new house. So many plans on paper and in my head but that’s where there’ll stay unless I can at put aside fifteen minutes. These minutes may be used in different projects as I have quite a few builds to either complete or start for myself and others.

Until next time..

I will leave you with a little mockup

Kato Allegra 3 car unit

Kato RhB ABe 8/12 Allegra 3 Car EMU

Rattle and roll

GC HST Northbound

HST Northbound home on Grand Central

Returning home from the smoke we travelled on Grand Central on one of the HST sets and although they no longer powered by the Valenta engine we still rocked along only stopping in York and Thirsk and reaching York in around 1:50mins from Kings Cross which unless your Jenson Button is nye on impossible and, its much more pleasant to travel by train, watch the landscape go by, have a cuppa tea and relax than either sit in traffic jams or getting caught in the speed cameras. But anyway this doesn’t have much to do with 15 minutes modelling a day.

However on my return a pack was waiting for me which I had forgotten about which was nice and has a good selection of pictures both old and contemporary. I still like to be able to peruse through my book collection and think in some ways I would like to have a look at the e-versions but there is something nice and tactile about paper.

However there is a bonus DVD to watch. I will have to find a quiet moment to watch this but being HD I am looking forward to being able to pause and take screenshots for future reference. I was pointed to this magazine from another forum where the special issue was dedicated to rhbmagndvdthe RhB I thought that it should not be missed. The pictures are all of really good quality and the black and whites are clear and crisp. So my bed time reading is sorted out.

And finally I am still waiting for the Table saw to be fixed so I can look at starting to cut the ply for the modules and hopefully that will be this week however I do have enough to be getting on with for the moment.