Having from the beginning thought that the plank was no more than a plank and a exercise in ballasting some Kato track it has moved on from there and now after some discussion has the idea for a turntable as a holding storage area. At first I seemed as though a cassette system would be ok then I moved onto a sector plate and finally ended up with a turntable. This is somewhat ballooning for the original idea but I guess it can’t harm right? Measuring the Kato Unitrack two 413mm radii curves and a straight sandwiched between them takes up pretty much dead on 10″ and this is pretty much how much space I have on the plank. When not in use the turntable can be stored elsewhere as it is easily removed and it will aligned by baseboard jointing dowels.

So then the fact of how is this integrated into current track bed, the only option is to raise the whole road base up by 9mm so that the trains can transfer from yard to station. So out with the circular saw and cut some more chunks of ply not too difficult but it just means the back scene height is lowered by 9mm. Having just had plumbers in, who kindly left behind a bunch of stuff amongst which was some 9mm ply I have enough off cut to easily create raised trackbed and turntable. When I get back from vaunt down South I will attempt to get this completed before heading off to another weekend of fun!


New improved fiddle yard option