Up hill down dale


Just a short post to show a rather ramshackle test proof of concept for the GEX set going round a 150mm curve radius helix. As this is only for the none scenic sections it will all be covered over, but access needs to be possible as there will be switches half way up for the middle level and due to the tightness of the curves derailments may occur. I set out to get 50mm of lift in the helix in one turn which is probably double the amount Kato allows for their lifted sections but there recommended clearance is 50mm so it was a good guess.

As you see the loco easily pulls the coaches up and I did a test with the full compliment and it didn’t struggle at all but as I am only going to be using 4 at most this is a satisfactory test.

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  1. Neat video, Tom. Thanks for sharing that. I would have never guessed that a helix built around such a sharp curve so it’s really neat to see otherwise. Are you thinking of a more continuous run approach to the layout?

    1. Hi Chris, yes the plan is to have a continuos circuit and am refining my modular spec which has three levels.

      I am also amazed at the climbing capabilities of the Kato loco and it will pull way more than I am planning to use so am very happy.