Measure twice cut once

If only I had headed those words and not gone to B&Q without my backofanenvelope calculations which left me with ply cut short. However after a bit of head scratching and ponder and some tea drinking I realise that I could add on a section at the end. Due to the lightweightedness of the baseboard it shouldn’t be too much of a problem and with extra bracing for attaching to the main board everything should be rock solid!

However in the measuring fiasco it means that I will need to get some more ply for the top and so a trip out to the timber merchants on Monday for another sheet of 8×4 6mm ply. This does mean I have quite a lot left over! Do not be distracted, do not be distracted… repeat.


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  1. Sorry to read about the required addition – on the other hand, it’s pretty neat to be required to extend the layout! The framing does look pretty sharp though. I really like the look of those Barry Norman-style girders.

    In terms of the plywood top, are you planning on one that completely covers the full layout surface or just the immediate trackbed?

    1. Hi Chris, Yes the extra is only taking me up to the original plan which is 1650mm. Once I have all the framing complete then I will need to straighten all up so I can get the top on flat and securely and using this method I can true up easily with a plane.

      The top is going to be one piece to aid the strength and rigidity to the frame, just debating whether to go with 6mm or 9mm ply.