Ok so out of the clamps and put on the trestles and one more step towards a layout well first layout of my own really. The structure needs more strength along the length but with the top on and some cross braces I hope that this will suffice. Top should be purchased tomorrow and time willing I should be able to plane flat the top surface of the frame ready for attaching the top sometime next week. Time moves slowly at the moment in modelling terms, but won’t be long before I can start laying track.

I also need to get some adjustable feet for the trestles as I know the floor in this house is not very level. Just another job to add to the list. But for the time being I am having a mini self pat on the back as have reached further than any previous activities of my own as I have achieved a certain amount of success in club modelling. Just itching to getting to the point where I can start warming up the soldering iron 🙂

Basic frame on trestles
Basic frame on trestles

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