Arriving back home with a new sheet of 6mm ply and the intent to get on and attach it to the base I found that in having it cut at the store it seemed to release all the tensions in it and found it to have warped drastically in the middle to the point that it was a very shallow U. This was not what I had expected and after going through a pile of around 25 sheets to get the best of I thought I had managed this. However I was wrong and what it has taught me is that it seems to be increasingly hard to find decent quality sheet timber. Not to be deterred I am now going for plan B which is to get 9mm ply for the top and this should hopefully keep its rigidity although adding some weight to it. So seats down on the old jallopy and of to the wood yard I must go.. well not today but hopefully tomorrow.

Lock Keepers CottageIn other news something I have been eyeing up for some time is something from scalescenes and I particularly liked the lock keepers cottage as this seems an easy model to complete and I can think of a nice little diorama with canal and river scene it would fit in and all this extra plywood I now have sitting around would come in handy for building a small 2mmFS micro layout. But that’s yet another distraction that I am trying to avoid at the moment and concentrate on the main project.

One of the things that I have in plenty is mounting card and a professional guillotine that my Dad use to use so should be able to make a reasonable go of it. I will just need to see how there printer is fixed for ink and this I will call a micro project.