Due to the on going man cold I have shied away from getting tools both hand and power tools out today as head colds and tools don’t make for a good recipe. So in order to keep the flow going and to keep the mojo moving on I set out to find my Canon PIXMA IP4000 printer that has been through a number of moves and stayed in storage for a while. Not being confident that it would a) start up and b) print I was pleasantly surprised to find it did both, in a fashion. It took 3 power ups and once on advised me that virtually all the ink tanks were empty or faulty so no surprise there and was surprised that it even got that far I was thinking that I would have to buy a new printer completely. I am as every waiting so waiting for some ink will be no biggy and looking forward to doing some structure modelling having seen the efforts I made over 30 years ago..

I have been enthralled with pics mainly on Facebook from tram systems across Europe and the ones I am interested in are the Swiss metre gauge but I have been admiring the heritage systems. But it has lead to thoughts of Swiss Alps mountain village halt and buildings close together. In fact I think I can transpose this scenario into many different locations and scales. But thats of the future!!

So if this is working you can see some of my inspirations