Last week I got a call from my best mate and it went something like this. “Hi I’m knocking down my shed next week and there’s a couple of things of yours that you might want to come and collect?”

Apart from it being an end of an era that saw us rescue it from an untimely end and move it bit by bit on a shopping trolley when we were just out of college many moons ago. It was where we plotted and planned our next bit world domination projects from and built our body of skills for the coming years of home ownership.

On arrival it was deemed best to get stuff loaded and the settle down for coffee and bacon sandwiches which seemed the best plan given the early hour of the day. That’s when I was presented with the exhibit below. I had completely forgotten about it, I might be forgiven for this as it was as I say from a dim distant past but it was a surprise never the less and a pleasant one.

So bring it forward to the current day and what do I do with it?! Neither do I have a garden of my own nor the space to run it in doors as G scale takes up a not too insignificant amount of space. But… I do really like the size and presence. But I’m trying to downsize my collection.. but I could have just a little inglenook.. but it could fund my layout project or some more tools, you can never have to many tools. Common sense will probably win out but for a moment I might just set it up on he carpet and watch it trundle around for a bit.. 🙂

LGB G Scale trainset