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Following on from the previous post of attic rummagings  I manage to find a in a dark damp corner a carrier bag of my old Railway Modellers from the early 80’s that my mum use to buy me from my pocket money once a month on a Friday when she went to the local market as I was at that point still having to go to what we called Colditz in reality was the local comprehensive school. Wasn’t till I got into the 6th year and they treated us ‘like’ adults that I was able to go down into town and get my own copy along with a quart of sherbert BonBons, ahh happy days.

What might you ask has this to do with fifteen minutes of modelling well I call it research! 🙂 As with most RM’s there are scale plans in most issues and in one of them there are 4mm drawings for a ‘Jinty’ or better known as an LMS Fowler 3F loco. This is something I am planning on looking at building for my S Scale Micro. Being a small branch/yard type loco it will fit in nicely with the locale and also as I plan to do this as a 3D Shapeways print project it should be relatively easy to get going, I say easy but then I remember the opposing force of procrastination slipping in and teaching myself CAD. I have Sketchup but feel it is not suited to 3D modelling and is more aimed at architecture. Anyway more of that story to come later.

In other news I have been thinking and planning a kind of test bed to my plan to build Leyburn on the Wensleydale Line in the 1940’s. This is to get a feel for the scenery and buildings that I am going to need. I would really like to build this as real roundy layout like Brafferton that I really like as it ‘gets’ the feel of its location, but also as I want to actually build something before launching into a full blown proto-based layout.


Basically at the moment it feels like I am treading water until I can get my railway stuff out of storage and back home where I can really start to get cracking, although money is tight at the moment building on a budget can introduce interesting methods and modelling. I think I am going to start to label posts by project so as not to confuse you dear reader as to which I am currently working on.

And finally two events to look forward to firstly the meeting of L&Y 2mmFS group, not sure what to expect but it is a do’ing group rather than a talking one so looking forward to that and secondly the 2mmFS AGM over in Burnley which will be good to go to not just for the socialising. Will report further.

Not exactly modelling but…

Well as I sit and wait to get my stuff out of storage with all my train related swag, I found the latest MRJ in my local newsagents, they actually have a good choice of mags and its a long time since I brought any seeing as pretty much everything you will ever need or didnt know you need can be found on the internet. Its funny as going through stuff brought down from the loft from my childhood I found a box of Railway Modellers’ dating back to the late 1970’s. I can still remember the joy of collecting my copy from the said news agents on a Saturday morning and then spending the day poring over it until I had read every last article and advert.

It’s funny, although I am a proponent of emedia and think it is the way forward once the publishing companies get their heads round the new media model (I don’t want to pay the same for a digital copy as the print version and until this is addressed..) it is a pleasure finding those crumpled, worn and dusty volumes from a bygone era that once again can be sat down with a cuppa tea and reminded of how far we have come in the hobby. Lets face it who would have thought you could control your trains from a ‘mobile phone’ and that we would be using electrified sieves to model grasses.

Oh and also found in the loft was a packet of Peco track of different gauges some books on Swiss railways and a HO Atlas GP40 in Reading RR colours.

Another cup of tea and another backofanenvelope dream to plan..


S Scale Micro

After a very long hiatus I have some ideas and plans that I want to explore. Now that I have some time to do some modelling I am going to settle for two projects rather than do the normal scattergun approach and end up doing nothing.

So, Plan A, an S Scale Micro Layout. It is a scale that I have long admired and thought that it is a nice space between 4mm and 7mm. However in this scale pretty much every thing has to be scratch built. I plan to use a mixture of tradition kits and scratch building and also invest in getting some 3D Rapid Prototyping. More of that later. So first of all you need an idea. Something that has been in the back of my mind is a plan I saw in an O Gauge Guild publication many years ago and thought that would make a nice micro layout. With only two turnouts/switches it should be easy to build the track plan and I have create the plan from Templot (which is free now) and overlaid it onto a sketchup 3d model. It’s early days yet and I need to get hold of the APA box and I will need to join the S Scale Society in due course. So hopefully it all starts here.

S Scale Micro Layout Plan
Looking Westwards

Try again!

After a considerable period of in activity and not following my own goals I have resurrected 15 Minute Modeller, but now on WordPress rather than on Blogger due to having forgotten my login details and the ludicrous lengths I had to go to to try and recover my password. So inevitably I failed at this and so a move over the road to WordPress was successfully completed earlier today.

I decided not to transfer the old content over from Google but will add things as and when they come across the radar. At some point I may get the domain for this but until then I am going to mess around with the customisation of the template I have chosen.

In this blog I will document my rubber scaling and general flightiness. But then variety is the spice of life.