Ok, so here I am going to boldly set out a number of projects that I am going to give 6 months to see how far I get with and either bin due to in-activity or for what ever reason there is no progress, or to document my experiences along the way. I am not putting rigid goals on myself to produce as have found in the past I have failed to meet my expectations when they have been set too high, but I have ideas about the rough timescales needed for each one.

In fact the thought of running things in an agile environment has some appeal. In my last work contract I came into contact with this methodology and felt it would have benefit to other areas of my life Although at the time I thought it was being completely misused for the piece of work being done. But and it’s the but, this is not a job! it’s meant to be a hobby and fun. Whilst I have time, well more than I did when I was working this can be done at a more leisurely pace, although since moving back I seem to have less time for me-things than when I was hanging in the metropolis. However if I can do 15 minutes a day on any one project I will be happy!

So the list is started

1. 2mmFS Test layout before embarking on my ‘big’ plan of Leyburn.

2. Micro Layout for S Scale plan – This maybe more long term/winded.

3. Learn Python to code a random wagon selector – start off with a scale calculator.

4. US N Scale Shelf layout – Always like the Guilford and NE Shortlines.

5. Secret plan – to be revealed.

I think that while I am an inveterate rubber scaler I this will give me some focus that I did’t have before and hadn’t really thought about it effecting the outcome of all my modelling activities. So ‘Must Model’ is my mantra from now and lets see how far I get!