Whilst rummaging around at the top of the house I came across these items and thought ahh something to challenge me until I get my modelling kit back from storage. So this looks like the start of Project 4.

The location is New England, the period; current, and the scale obviously N. The Peco track if code 55 and I have no switches which makes it rather limited. So in the spirit of days gone by I am going to see if I can build some from PCB and some home made gauges using templates printed out from Templot. My idea is of a shortline with a couple of industries along it that are currently serviced by VRS. Maybe in the future they will get there own leased loco and have a nice respray. I particularly like the covered bridges of NE so will be looking to incorporate one of these and seeing as most of Vermont’s industries are based around timber there will probably be a sawmill.

The beginnings are in the baseboard and think I am going to keep it small 4-5 feet long by 12 inches wide, probably. I have my eye on an old home made table tennis table thats made out of 9mm ply. Once I have got the go ahead to dismantle I then have to work out how to cut and fear I may have to use hand saws which when cutting sheet materials is not a good mix with me as I can cut as straight as a bendy inner tube! Am going to have to see what power tools I can find in the house!

Wombling here we come.