From small planks, big layouts grow.

Although I completed this yesterday (almost) I thought it would be wise to have a bit of a test bed to trial a number of techniques and products I have never used before that being mainly the Kato Unitrack. I have kept it deliberately simple and at most will have two turnouts/switches on it. I thought that I could use it as a DCC test track and that will fit down the back on a small ledge behind the line shown on the right hand side of the board. I am thinking about adding my SprogII to the underside but will see how I go with this, I may just stick to the Kato controller that came with the GlaicerOnTour set.. Having Bachrus rolling roads that I can set up on it for running locos in is going to be useful and it delays the need for installing Decoders into the locos. On with point Digitrax do a drop in one but other wired ones can be installed just it is a bit harder due to space constraints.

I will be trying out joining Peco concrete flex track to the Unitrack and may try a bit of hand lay just as an experiment. The original discussion see-sawed around wether it would all be hand laid or all Unitrack then a mixture and then back and forth but the upshot of it was that the ends have to be Kato and anything in the middle is fair game as long as it allows the Kato and any future stock to run over it.

So todays 15 minutes are to finish the backscenes and create the fiddle yard. then its off to the model shop to find some ballast material. Well actually that will be tomorrow as nothing open today, being Sunday!

A test bed for Swiss GEX layout ideas
A test bed for Swiss GEX layout ideas

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